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Tuestone Tuesday March 2, 2010

Posted by schlanghole in company culture, Work.
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2009 was a bitch for a lot of us and I was not immune. There were a lot of changes in my behavior both personally and professionally. Some were perhaps necessary, some were a departure from the kind of person I am. One that was most alarming was how I had lost touch with what’s going on in my co-workers personal lives.

To help rectify, at the beginning of the year (with the help of my friend and partner Brad Mitchell) I started what we’ve branded Tuestone Tuesday. One day a week where we schedule ONE person at work to hang out with us socially. We’ve done pretty good about committing to this schedule and have met with five people so far. Some of the gatherings last a couple hours and some end late into the evening (Wendy!). The common theme however is reconnecting with each other. Reminding each other why we choose to work together and why we choose to work where we do.

A typical Tuesday finds us leaving the office around 4:20 starting at my favorite watering hole, The Modern Hotel (they’ve started reserving us the same table each week). It usually takes a few drinks before it becomes clear to our guest that this is not a “review” or even about work. It’s about each of them. It’s about their family, their dreams, their aspirations … whatever is on their mind. Naturally, work topics do come up which is of course encouraged and have proven enlightening and even actionable. Occasionally some of our friends (most in the biz, some not) drop by our table to say hi and the conversation expands to include every topic you can imagine. Depending on our guests schedule, the gathering might move to dinner, music, etc.

We have a rule at Wirestone labeled the “No Prick Rule” (future post). For me, Tuestone Tuesday validates we’ve surrounded ourselves with those who believe and live by this rule every day. These evenings have been truly inspiring, energizing and therapeutic. I hope those we have met and will meet with in the future get out of it as much as I do.



1. kelly - March 2, 2010

Hey, Tony! I think Tuestone Tuesday is a great idea! Boy, 2009 sure was a monster, wasn’t it? I’ve been lucky enough to bump into you during work/review type sessions before, and have always appreciated the social aspect of your way of doing business. You have a neat bunch of people to work with, so here’s to your proactive approach to making 2010 better for you and for them and for you and them!


schlanghole - March 2, 2010

Hey Kelly – Thanks for the kind words my friend and here’s to 2010!!!

2. Norris Krueger - March 2, 2010

Good to see a post, Tony!

I’m big fan of Stanford’s Bob Sutton – author of the “No Asshole Rule” – if you don’t know his work, check him out – he has a good blog too.


3. Jake Schlangen - July 26, 2010

haha I’m guessing I wont be apart of Tuestone Tuesday for a couple more years?!

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